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When it comes to the field of law you'll come to find that there is no one jack-of-all-trades type of lawyer. Each legal field has specialized lawyers to handle cases. A murder trial will call on the expertise of criminal lawyers, an estate lawyer handles distributing the personal belongs of the deceased such as awarding the home and its contents to the specified person in the will, personal injury lawyers usually handle hit and run accidents, a civil lawyer takes on domestic abuse cases and lawyers in the field of family law will oversee divorce proceedings or adoption cases.

Those are just a few examples of the different types of lawyers there are based on just a few different scenarios. Every legal proceeding is different and requires lawyers that are educated in the specific field in which the case falls under. There's a reason why there are so many different types of lawyers handling cases that involve adoption, divorce or the mishandling of chemicals and that's because there are so many different laws.

Imagine how intense a workload it would be for lawyers if they were required to be able to defend or prosecute any and all legal proceedings. If any given lawyer was asked to defend a hit and run case, help a family close an adoption file, negotiate a divorce settlement, handle real estate disagreements or fight on the behalf of a large corporation in a civil suit their brain would be overloaded. Each of the different cases they would be working on would not be as fully prepared because they all require a large amount of prep work and knowledge of each set of laws.

The legal system is separated into different fields of laws because they all take a long time to understand, which is why the same thing applies to lawyers. A list of lawyer types might help you to understand just how many different lawyers there are in the legal world and they include: criminal defense lawyers, class action lawyers, civil lawyers, assault lawyers, administrative lawyers, divorce lawyers, business lawyers, securities lawyers, workers compensation lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, defense lawyers, life insurance lawyers, immigration lawyers, employment lawyers, malpractice lawyers and patent lawyers.

That's a brief list of lawyer types as is nowhere near complete, which just goes to show you that there are just as many different lawyers as there are different types of cars you can buy.

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