A Career In Real Estate

There is definitely a lot to be said for a career in real estate. You have the chance to work with people, to make a good living, to set your own hours some of the time, and to get some variation during your career. But working as a real estate agent is not for everyone. In fact, over the last two years more people have failed in their attempts to sell real estate than have succeeded. Before you get your hopes up, make sure that you honestly answer the following questions.

First, are you a big picture kind of person? I can't tell you how many people I know about who have completed their real estate training in the last few years with hopes of instant riches, and have become discouraged after a couple years or even a few months on the job. Selling investment properties to wealthy entrepreneurs sounds enticing at first, but the reality is it is hard rounding up clients in the first place. In order to be successful, you have to work very hard at building your career, and it comes one commission at a time. If you are in it for quick riches at minimal cost, you should probably look elsewhere.

Second, you need to have a lot of tact when it comes to dealing with people and real estate transactions. It is likely that you will have to show dozens of different condos and detached homes to one client before they find one they want. It can get very exasperating trying to find just the right house, and sometimes you will find potential buyers are just not realistic in their expectations. Still, you have to be able to state matters tactfully to both buyers and sellers in order to be successful.

No one ever succeeded in real estate who couldn't sell, so if you have a problem promoting a product or even yourself, this career might not be for you. You have to be able to point out to potential buyers why this new home is perfect for them, even if they themselves don't realize it yet. And you have to do so in a non-pushy, honest way. It takes a certain amount of skill!

Keep in mind that real estate is a very competitive business. Not only will you be competing for listings against other brokerages, you will also be competing against agents in your own brokerage. Again, you have to be able to give yourself an edge over the hundreds of other agents out there, so sellers will come to you with their properties. If you fail to meet any of the criteria we listed here, it might be better to pursue a different career.

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