With so many loyalty programs out there to choose from, how do you know which one is the most rewarding for you?
Let us* know a little bit about your lifestyle, preferences, and what’s most important to you in a loyalty program, and, in three easy steps, you’ll find out which top Canadian loyalty programs allow you to earn rewards faster,
based on research conducted by Environics Research Group.
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Select your province of primary residence.
Are you age of majority?
Will other people in your household be collecting loyalty miles/points with you
on the same program membership?
In an average month*, which of the following retail categories do you shop in?

* Shopping categories have assigned values based on 2010 Statistics Canada household expenditure data.

Loyalty programs will often offer sign-up bonuses (companion flights, etc.)
to new and current members. Are these types of bonuses important to you?
What type of reward do you prefer most from your loyalty program?
When you travel by air, which airline do you prefer most?
Some loyalty programs allow members to accumulate more points on a single purchase by presenting the program membership card and affiliated credit card together at the time of purchase. Other loyalty programs are only accessible through a credit card. Knowing this, would you sign up for a credit card affiliated with a loyalty program?
If you check “yes”, we will include loyalty program-affiliated credit cards in our calculations.
Are you currently…
Thanks for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire! The suggestions below are based on how quickly a typical consumer with your shopping and redemption
preferences can get to their desired reward. The research behind these suggestions cross-referenced
Canadian consumer spend habits with the value propositions of top loyalty programs in Canada to evaluate
the time it would take for a consumer to reach $100 worth of rewards in each of long-haul travel,
short-haul travel, merchandise and cash equivalent rewards categories. Full rankings and method of
evaluation can be found by reading about the research here.
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